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Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau

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Te timatanga o te reo - Kei ngā wai ū o te whaea


Optimising breastfeeding for Māori babies, mothers and their whānau


  • Tino rangatiratanga
  • Kaitiakitanga
  • Manaakitanga
  • Kotahitanga


Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau has been established to support, promote and protect breastfeeding for Māori through the provision of expert advice and support to New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance (NZBA) Board in the delivery of the Baby Friendly Initiatives and its other roles.

Responsibilities and Functions

  • Provide strategic direction in relation to the implementation of the New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance Strategic Plan 2016-2022
  • Give guidance and feedback to New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance on strategies to improve Māori breastfeeding rates
  • Develop and implement the Māori Breastfeeding Strategic Plan 2016-2022, which aligns with the NZBA Strategic Plan 2016-2022.  This will include:-
    • translating experiences of Tipuna to lead traditional breastfeeding practices with the overarching purpose of improving outcomes for whānau.
    • identifying strategies that will maximise opportunities for Māori participation within the baby friendly environment
  • Contribute to enhancing the cultural responsiveness of the NZBA partners
  • Participate in sub-groups, if required, which may include operational support in a consultant capacity
  • Provide a support mechanism to the Baby Friendly Advisor, Māori and Māori representatives on the NZBA Board


Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau membership is skills and competency based noting the holistic vision of Māori health.  Members are selected by Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau based on his/her expertise and the perspectives s/he bring from a range of areas including:-

  • Midwifery
  • Lactation
  • Maternal health
  • Child health
  • Leadership
  • Māori providers
  • Whanau ora
  • General Practice/medicine
  • Nutrition/dietetics
  • Consumers

Representation from mana whenua is mandatory.

Members have the capacity to commit to the role and attend meetings.


Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau will appoint a chair from its membership for a two-year term.

The chairperson of Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau will be a Māori member of the New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance Board.


  • At least four time per year
  • Members will receive a standard meeting few set by the NZBA
  • The NZBA Māori Advisor provides support and administration for Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau



Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau will provide quarterly verbal and narrative reports to the Executive Officer and the Board of NZBA.


These terms of reference will be reviewed as at May 2019.


Members of Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau as at May 2017

Henare Edwards, Kaumatua

Wendy Dallas-Katoa, Taua, JP, Research, Whanau ora, PHN

Tasha Wharerau, Chairperson & NZBA Board, Women's Health Promoter, Women's Health Action

Amy WrayMidwife, Lactation Consultant

Carlo Kamo, Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse, Plunket Whānau Āwhina

Sarah-Anne Waihoaka Wills, Registered Midwife, Whānau Mau Kaupapa Māori Antenatal Pregnancy & Parenting Programme

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