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Joining NZBA as a Member Organisation

How to become a Member Organisation

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance (NZBA) is an Incorporated Society.  Membership of the NZBA is open to organisations that support the objectives of the NZBA and the goals of the Baby Friendly Initiative.

The NZBA aims to maintain a network of organisations that have the objectives of protecting, supporting and promoting breastfeeding in Aotearoa New Zealand. It has a strong focus on improving health outcomes for Māori, Pasifika and other priority populations.

Members receive regular updates on breastfeeding data, research, training opportunities and the Baby Friendly Initiatives through the NZBA newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

Members have standing and voting rights for election to the NZBA Board, with the AGM held annually in November.  The AGM is usually held in Auckland and available on Zoom. The NZBA Board is a bi-cultural board with Co-Chairs.

Application for membership is made to the NZBA for Board consideration at the next Board meeting.  The NZBA Board reserves the right to decline any application for membership.