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Train all providers in the knowledge and skills necessary to implement this policy

All providers/workers must be educated in the principles of the breastfeeding policy to a level appropriate to their role (Level 1, 2 or 3). Health practitioners providing direct service to breastfeeding women should also have the knowledge and skills to comply with the guidelines and procedures.

Every provider/worker must receive policy orientation and all new staff must receive orientation to the policy as part of their introduction to the service and breastfeeding education commenced within six months of starting their position. When the policy is revised or updated, all staff should be informed of the changes.

A copy of the curricula or course outlines for training the various categories of staff in breastfeeding promotion and support should be available for review. A training schedule for new staff should be available.

The Health Service must score over 80% to all questions in Point Two to meet the BFCI Standard.