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Provide a welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding families

Mothers should be welcome to breastfeed in all public areas of the service to establish breastfeeding as the norm for infant feeding. Some mothers who may prefer greater privacy should be provided with a quiet clean space and a comfortable chair. However it does not have to be a designated feeding area (although this is ideal). Notices should be displayed advising mothers that they are welcome to breastfeed. These notices should reflect the ethnic mix of the community and be in appropriate languages.

Evidence of consultation with breastfeeding women to ascertain their needs regarding breastfeeding is required. Mechanisms should be in place for mothers using the service to provide feedback and suggestions about the environment they use. Services which do not work from a site need to meet these requirements wherever they deliver their service.

Mothers who are employees should have the opportunity to have their infant(s) brought into the workplace for breastfeeding. Breaks for feeding or the expression of breastmilk should be given and storage facilities for breastmilk provided. Commitment to this should be evident within policies and procedures.

In a Baby Friendly health service, there will be no promotion of infant formula, bottles, teats or dummies. As well, the service will not permit the display or distribution of any form of promotional material for:

  • infant formula
  • inappropriate for age, baby drinks and foods
  • feedling bottles, teats or dummies