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Promote collaboration among health services and between health services and the local community

Health services should avail themselves of any opportunity to collaborate with sectors of society such as schools, childcare centres, media, local business and local and national government. Among health service providers strong links should be maintained so that the opportunity for consistency in breastfeeding support and healthy infant nutrition is maximised.

Written referrals between services must contain information on breastfeeding status and significant breastfeeding issues. NZBA encourages health services in the community to work together and to share information as appropriate to ensure that mothers receive consistent information and support with regard to infant and young child feeding. Health services should allow mothers and whanau / families to participate actively in discussions about their care and continued breastfeeding support.

Working towards a breastfeeding friendly community can be demonstrated by participating in World Breastfeeding Week activities and letters to the editor in response to infant feeding items and issues. Developing a breastfeeding campaign tailored to the specific community is also a means of promoting a breastfeeding community as is linking with organisations responsible for transport, housing, employment and local government to identify barriers to breastfeeding. Liasions and partnerships, among providers in the community, demonstrate collaboration and increase the likelihood of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, infants and toddlers having their needs met.

The Health Service must achieve a pass in all applicable questions in Point Seven to meet the BFCI Standard.