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Important Documents and Information

The NZBA expects there to be rotation of infant formula products (every six months, for example). It is important to not continually use one brand of product as this sends a message to staff and those using the product that it is the product of preference. No facility should be seen to use only one brand unless there is a strong valid reason such as a bacterial contamination of other products.

Facilities need to avoid any acceptance of inducements from formula companies who may offer incentives to use their products.

The best sources of information about the International Code can be found on:

The Code in New Zealand Secretariat manages complaints about the International Code and the Code of Practice for Health Workers.  More information can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

The Ministry of Health has an online course to raise awareness of the Code of Practice for Health Workers and increase health workers' knowledge of the Code in New Zealand.  This is hosted through the Ministry's Learn Online platform: The Code of Practice for Health Workers.