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An introduction to cleft care in New Zealand 12 October 2019, Rotorua Hospital

Cleft occurs in 1:700 babies per year and 1:500 Māori. This study day is for midwives, SCBU nurses and lactation consultants.

An Introduction to Cleft Care in New Zealand

12 October 2019, Rotorua Hospital

This workshop will provide information on the cleft condition.  It will enable you to support your staff and service to provide family support and improve cleft care in your region.

A Cleft Diagnosis – Megan Sanders - Auckland

The journey - Lynne  Walker - Waikato

Assessment of newborn – Alison Farnell/Megan -Auckland

Surgery – Arthur Yang - Waikato

Breastfeeding a baby with cleft –Alison Farnell - Auckland

Specialised Feeding – Bryony Forde  - Wellington

Patient experience -  Lisa Kennedy - Rotorua

Mothers experience – Louise Ayrey -Auckland

Support group – Lisa (Rotorua)/Louise (Auckland)

Research projects –Louise Ayrey (Auckland)

Development of resources – Team work

Please apply to Lisa Kennedy -

Places are limited to 50.