NZBA Staff

NZBA Executive Officer - Jane Cartwright

Jane was appointed as NZBA Executive Officer in May 2017.  She has held executive and senior roles in the health system and local government, leading developments in community, mental and public health.  Jane is a Registered Dietitian, holds a Bachelor of Science, a Post Graduate Diploma in Science (Human Nutrition) and an MBA from the University of Otago, with an active drive to improve the health and well-being of people.  She has substantial governance and operational experience, especially working in partnership with others to achieve better outcomes.

Breastfeeding is important and helps to optimise lifelong health outcomes for mothers and babies.  The BFHI has had a positive impact on New Zealand's health with annual breastfeeding rates showing more than 80 percent of babies exclusively breastfed on discharge from Baby Friendly hospitals.  However, the real challenge is to support mothers and babies to maintain breastfeeding in the community.

In addition to the NZBA role, Jane retains a leadership role for the Canterbury Clinical Network, is Chair of the Brackenridge Estate Ltd Board, as well as holding board positions on the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, Nurse Maude Association and both the Ara Institute of Canterbury Council and Ara Foundation.  She is also a Chartered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership.

Office Manager - Cheryl Fenwick

All enquiries about office management can be directed to Cheryl Fenwick at



Māori Advisor - Carmen Timu-Parata

Carmen is of Ngati Kahungunu descent and lives in Wellington.

She is the Māori Advisor for the New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance.

Previously, Carmen worked in a primary care well-child service, as a nurse educator and researcher.  She has had a long relationship with NZBA.  Carmen has been a Lead Assessor for BFHI and has worked for the NZBA as an assessor since 2001.  She has been the Māori representative on the NZBA Board (2014-2016) and chaired Te Rōpu Whakaruruhau, NZBA's Māori Advisory group. 

Carmen can be contacted on  Cell 027 773223

BFHI Coordinator - Lynne Welsh

Lynne is Scottish and trained as a nurse and health visitor (public health/well child) in Scotland.  She and her family moved to New Zealand in 2007 and she became an IBCLC in 2009.  Lynne has experience in BFHI, BFHI education, has set up and coordinated a BFCI project and been a BFHI coordinator in a tertiary facility.  Lynne is passionate to help and support all facilities to be BFI accredited.






Baby Friendly Advisor - Dianne Powley

Dianne is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and BFHI educator; she has extensive experience coordinating BFHI practices in a tertiary facility, as an assessor and more recently as NZBA BFHI co-ordinator.

Dianne can be contacted on email:








Administrator - Wendy Scanlon

Wendy manages the NZBA website, social media, newsletter and NZBA resources.  She prepares the annual breastfeeding data for DHBs and the Ministry of Health.  Wendy is also a Registered Nutritionist and is part of the Healthy Lifestyles team at Pegasus Health in Christchurch.