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History of NZBA

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority (NZBA) was formed in 1997-8 by a number of groups involved in the breastfeeding field, in response to New Zealand's static breastfeeding rates, to work towards the establishment of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in New Zealand. NZBA was set up as a non-profit non-governmental organisation and was registered as an incorporated society in 1999. There are currently 33 member organisations.

Since 1999 the NZBA's main role has been to develop and implement the Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) in New Zealand funded by the Ministry of Health. NZBA also has had a co-ordination and advocacy role.

Although NZBA has advocated for the implementation of all of the goals of the Innocenti Declaration, its primary focus has been on the establishment of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), together with the development of the Baby Friendly Community Initiative (BFCI)

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