Health Professionals


Ongoing evidence-based education and clinical assessment are crucial to ensure that those involved in caring for mothers and babies have the skills and knowledge to implement best practice in infant feeding.

The NZBA does not provide face-to-face infant feeding education sessions. However we do provide specific workshops and on-line sessions to support health workers.

Training is offered annually for those wishing to become BFHI Assessors and also for facility BFHI Co-ordinators. On-line courses are being developed for all Levels of health workers which meet the BFHI education guidelines (Ministry of Health 2008).

Our education packages have been developed in consultation with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), adult educators and general practitioners and are specifically designed to help participants achieve the high standard of practice required in Baby Friendly health-care facilities. They are evidence-based and accompanied by comprehensive research and other useful materials.

For enquiries please contact Dawn Hunter, NZBA Learning and Development Facilitator,